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How to Pick the Right Lipstick in 6 Steps

How to Pick the Right Lipstick in 6 Steps
Written by Sarah

We all get stuck in bad beauty habits. The same old lipstick at the bottom of our bag is asked to stretch from dawn to dusk and, sometimes, from decade to decade. Really that’s a shame given that lipstick is the fastest way to bring instant bloom to your face and instant change to your look. Women buy a lot of lipstick, especially in times of recession or war. Recent surveys have revealed a boom in bright red, signifying patriotic pouting style ala Betty Grable. But how many women are really wearing those vivid new shades inspired by Uncle Sam? Not enough. To enbolden your bocca (that’s Italian for kisser) and blaze a new beauty trail try this speedy quiz.

1. The Natural Look

On a day without lipstick you look:

A. About ten years younger if a bit plain.
B. Rosy, sensual and well rested.
C. Slightly Dickensian and miserable.

If you chose….
A. You have a heart-shaped mouth with bottom lip more pronounced than the top. A versatile shape that’s easy to flatter with cream lipsticks. Add a dab of paler color to the centre of the bottom lip for fullness.
B. You have ‘fat’ voluptous lips, the minority that go without color: try a sheer gloss or tinted lipbalm and outline in a neutral pencil.
C.You have thin lips and it’s not the end of the world. Buy a lip brush and go for rosy expansive shades and gloss finishes.

2. Self Portrait

Your coloring is best described as:

A. Extremely pale summer or winter, ala Winona Ryder.
B. Honey coloured, olive and sometimes (in winter) a little sallow, just like Rosie Perez.
C. Dark and lovely, a deep brown skin like model Alex Wek.

If you chose…
A or B, you have cool-toned skin and need to avoid any lipstick with a yellow or orange undertone. Plums, rich blue reds, rosy pinks all work for you.
If you answered C, check out brick reds, bronze, spice, cherry reds, yellow reds, brick reds, apricot brown, soft peach, beige, toast.

3. The Texture Question

Your ideal lipstick would be:

A. Brightly colored with a little gloss
B. Matte with plenty of drama
C. Extremely fattening, rosy and a little sheer

If you chose…
A. Try a cream lipstick and then slick some sheer glitter gloss over the top. Try one of the new irridescents. They are more modern than the frosted looks of the 60s and refracted light is very sexy.
B. For a better matte mouth try a semi-matte for a change: less dehydrating, less ‘cakey’.
D. Thinner lips can wear cream lipsticks just shoose shades that expand- rosy pinks, russet and rich plums.

4. The Shape of Lipsticks to Come

Your mouth most resembles:
A. Pouty: Vivien Leigh when Clark Gable leaves her for good.
B. Puffy: Angelina Jolie whilst eating cotton candy.
C. Prim: Anjelica Huston scowling.

If you chose…
A. Your heart-shaped mouth with a thinner upper lip needs pencil definition and a paler color at the center of the lips. Expand the upper lip with a slightly arcing line, add a touch of gloss to the middle of the lower lip.
B. To define a larger mouth, outline the mouth with exactly the same shade pencil and lipstick.
C. Instant weight gain for slim lips: adding a touch of concealer in the middle of your lips on top of your lipstick this helps to ‘expand’ the color by making it a shade paler.



5. Old Habits

The lipstick you keep buying is:
A. Dusky rose with shades of violet
B. Basic beige
C. Flaming crimson

If you chose …
A. Go buy a new shade today. Try hot pink, burnt rose, cherry red, burgundy, plum
B. Experiment with bronze, taupe, candy apple red, smoky pink, spice
C. If you can wear really strong red, you can switch to something
softer in any shade based in blue. Try a dusky rose, a veil of violet or a fleshy, just-kissed pink. Lighter colors ‘open up’ your features. 

6. Secrets of Good Kissers

You hate when your lipstick:
A. Bleeds and feathers after one cappucino
B. Makes your mouth look messy
C. Makes your face look tired

If you chose…
A. Control runny lipstick with an application of pencil base first and use a baby brush — it really helps. Choose pencils that are not too oily. If they streak on your hand they will do the same on your face.
B. Be the boss of gloss by dusting the lips lightly with powder before applying and outlining lightly in pencil.
C. Try a paler pencil and then match it with gloss. Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite shade as an accent to gloss, blending it in as the final touch. Lipsticks last longer and lunch dates are less of a drama. Complex post lasagna touch-ups crush romance.

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