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Natural Beauty Tips for Women

Natural Beauty Tips for Women
Written by Sarah

Discover traditional recipes to get that curvaceous Brazilian body, creamy African skin and those flattering Spanish eyelashes…

Passed down from generations, every country and region has its own beauty extravagances that the natives indulge in. Inspired by the intrinsic passion of the people, adapted to balance the effects of the climate and sweetly nurtured by Mother Earth, the natural beauty secrets we reveal to you are no less efficacious than the lavish spa treatments on your wish list. Try some of these decadent regional delights – the native way – to become a natural nymph.

Be A Brazilian Beauty

Brazilians make the most of Nature’s gifts to them – massaging their bodies with fistfuls of beach sand, these bronzed beauties benefit more from this pleasurable recreation than they realise. Apart from exfoliating, smoothening and toning their skin, the sand also helps in busting cellulite to hone those curvaceous curves. Try this trick to buff your skin.

Be A Spanish Senorita

These gals just can’t have enough fun! They give their hair a final rinse with equal proportions of cranberry juice and water, all to get that magnificent mane and those natural highlights. Before going to bed, grandmas coax the girls to layer castor oil on their eyelashes to keep them thick and healthy; place thin potato slices on their eyes for 10 minutes to allow the juice to seep in and combat the dark circles that excessive partying can give! Take a cue.

Be A Polish Princess

Beauty gets sweet here. Polish women apply honey on the face as an intensive moisturiser and on their lips to make them baby soft. Honey’s firming and moisture-retaining properties make it popular with the older ladies as well, while it also protects the skin from the damage of UV rays. Immerse yourself in some Pooh-ish delight…

Be A Tangy Thai

Popular for their spicy foods, the Thai have their roots firmly placed in exotic spices and the tenets of aromatherapy. Using kitchen cabinet products in their beauty regime Thai women use tamarind as an inexpensive skin exfoliater for its high acidic content and effectiveness; and pulped ripe papaya in facial masks to instantly nourish and exfoliate the skin. Turmeric is applied topically for its antibacterial and healing properties as it soothes irritated skin and lightens blemishes and scars. Fragrant plants such as citronella, lemongrass and ylang ylang flowers are used commonly aromas for their uplifting and rejuvenating abilities. Try some tangy Thai ingredients off your kitchen rack to stimulate your senses.

Indulge, will ya?

Be A Scandinavian Stunner

There’s no rocket-science here – water is the secret of their glowing skin. Splashing their face over 15 times with ice-cold mineral water every day, these girls know how to activate their skin’s natural faculties to work in their frosty climate. Also a great way to close open pores, stimulate nerve endings and reduce puffiness.

Get splashing!

Be An African Attraction

Extracted from the shea nut, pure shea butter is an intimately held secret with the Cleopatras of this land. For generations, Africans have used shea butter to keep their skin soft and luminous. Pure shea butter is a rich emollient abundant in natural Vitamin A and E and good for healing scars and stretch marks; also ideal for preventing hair fall and fortifying cuticles and nails. There are many shea butter skincare products on the shelves but be cautious, often their goodness is diluted by the presence of other additives.

Be A Japanese Geisha

It’s beauty to the tea with the Japanese. Whether it’s to reduce under-eye puffiness, soothe sunburn or calm an itching insect bite, cool tea bags and diluted tea baths do the trick. Camellia oil is another one of their secrets that smoothens and illuminates skin to give a Geisha-like glow. Rumours have it that Kate Winslet used camellia oil during her pregnancy to prevent stretch marks!


Be An Aboriginal Australian

Eucalyptus oil and tea tree oils are commonly used here for their healing properties, but a true aborigine uses emu oil. Coming from the native emu bird, this oil is high in unsaturated and fatty acids – a great way to replenish dry and damaged skin, and even mild enough to soothe nappy rashes on baby skin. Massage it in the Aboriginal way, whether to treat wounds, reduce dandruff, or for simple stress reduction. Make sure you get your hands on authentic oil – only pure emu oil solidifies quickly at cool temperatures; reverse this by gently warming the oil.

Be A Juicy Jamaican

If you’re conjuring up images of piña coladas, brush them aside, because when it comes to beauty, Jamaicans go bananas! They treat their skin with banana peels to soften it, protect it from the sun and also to soothe sunburnt areas.So the next time you have your dose of banana, savour the skins for yours!

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